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How to get your own free dating number

  • Dial 087 123 4 3283 from a landline or mobile.
  • When you're connected, you have two options:
  • Press 1 for a new number or press 2 for information. (New users should select 2).
  • When you press 1, you’ll be asked to enter a PIN between four and six digits long.
  • Now confirm the PIN.
  • The system will now read out your new dating number. Press 1 to repeat the number or press 2 for the tutorial.
  • When you hang up we will call you back on your dating number to confirm that this is now live and you can save this number in your phone.
  • The dating number will be automatically routed to the number you’ve called from and is ready for you to give out.
  • If you should need to move your dating number to a different telephone number, simply call 0870 321 0000 anytime and follow the simple prompts. The move will occur instantly.